Energy 2 bis-Consum energie in scolile din Vaslui

“Energy 2 bis” project has the Vaslui Municipality as lead partner, being realized with the help of Flemish Government, through the Cooperation Programme between Flanders Region (BE) and Eastern and Central Europe countries.
Its implementation is made by Local Agency for Energy Efficiency and Environment Vaslui (ALEEM).
The project’s purpose is to elaborate a prognosis of energy consumptions for 40 educational institutions from VASLUI (RO) and 60 similar institutions from LEUVEN (BE), based on a monthly monitoring - over 3 years – of heating and warm water gas consumption, drinking water and electric energy consumptions.
These are to be compared and analyzed according to the educational schedule, technical characteristics of the buildings (plumbing), number of occupants, energy receptors and medium daily temperatures. The data recorded by the utility counters are to be read and collected on a monthly basis, then centralized, synthesized and introduced in specialized software.
Also, there is a local permanent analysis of the recorded consumptions that allows identifying unjustified energy “leaks”, prompt intervention to eliminate them, ranking the schools based on unitary consumptions of public utilities, judicious execution of the schools and local budget, in order to ensure the financial sources for realizing the necessary comfort to a good quality of the educational process.

Water [fisier.pdf]

Electricity [fisier.pdf]

Natural gas [fisier.pdf]

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